Bill Marker, Baltimore Democrat

Bill Marker is a long time Baltimore political, community and union activist. He has lived in Pigtown/Barre Circle since 1997, and for seventeen years before that in Ridgely’s Delight. Bill was President of Citizens of Pigtown and currently represents Barre Circle on the Board of the Southwest Partnership, Inc. He has run for office several times and has served on the Democratic Central Committee. Professionally, he is a lawyer employed by the State of Maryland.

In February Bill delivered, either by hand or mail, a Questionnaire to the party-affiliated candidates for Mayor of Baltimore. While some of the questions are city-wide and some are local or personal, he does not claim or intend for the Questionnaire to be a comprehensive survey of issues awaiting our next Mayor, but he does hope it will raise the questions in the campaign.  The Questionnaire was written by Bill in his individual capacity.

The first question concerns Bill’s One State, One Rate! property tax proposal. This is a revenue-neutral proposal to end Maryland’s subsidy of rich jurisdictions by poor jurisdictions through the property tax system.

Bill also sent the Questionnaire to various Baltimore journalists, including Fraser Smith. Smith’s Commentary on WYPR March 3 focused on Bill and the Questionnaire. Smith called Bill “something of a super citizen.”  It can be heard at  His March 4 column in The Daily Record is posted to the right.

The Questionnaire as well as the various documents that were enclosed with the Questionnaire and Patrick Gutierrez’s response are available to the right. Only Gutierrez has completely responded to the Questionnaire. The links to the referenced plans are:

See page 95 on the Gateway Plan pdf.

See pages 84-86.

Bill Marker is a Proud Democrat because:

Democrats say “Yes” to moving forward.  Republicans say “No.”
Democrats say “Yes” to recession-fighting economic stimulus.  Republicans say “No.”
Democrats say “Yes” to climate change legislation.  Republicans say “No.”
Democrats say “Yes” to extending employment benefits.  Republicans say “No.”
Democrats say “Yes” to fair taxation.  Republicans say “No.”
Democrats say “Yes” to reasonable regulation.  Republicans say “No.”