5. Patrick Gutierrez Response

Patrick Gutierrez Feb 13

Hi Mr. Marker,
Thank you for your questionnaire and your ongoing dedication and efforts towards making our city a better place to live. Please see my answers below. Having read over the questions and the supporting documentation you provided, I am convinced I am YOUR candidate. Hopefully I can convince you of that as well.
Patrick Gutierrez

1. I am definitely open to that proposal. Anytime the current system is not yielding the results it is intended to, regardless of its intentions, it needs to be revised. That logic applies to many aspects of local, state and federal government, property taxes included. The ‘One State, One Rate’ plan you outlined would remove one of the key barriers people cite as a reason to avoid living in the city as our taxes would be in line with everyone else’s. As you mentioned, we would need to ensure adequate safeguards are in place to account for the unique needs of each area when deciding on the distribution formula.
2. The effect is that city neighborhoods continue to denigrate as a result of this incredibly short-sighted program. Any efforts to revitalize Baltimore must include strengthening, not weakening, our neighborhoods and that means using our money to fix them up and make them more attractive to people so they will want to live there.
3. It certainly can if there is too much emphasis placed on it at the expense of critical subjects like history and civics. I would venture to say that a large percentage of Baltimore’s schoolchildren will not pursue a career in STEM yet every one of them will be expected to be good citizens. How can this happen if we aren’t teaching and reinforcing that in school? Incidentally, I had both those classes all through high school and loved them. Obviously, civics/government class had a particularly big impact on me, as evidenced by my candidacy.
4. I would like to see the turnout of our next election before determining whether or not to change it. I personally think we are going to have a record turnout now that it is synced with the Presidential election. We’ll know soon enough.
5. I do not think it was appropriate to exclude the west and north from Casino Impact Funds. I would look to revise the area of permissible expenditures to include all of Baltimore. and then judge requests on a case-by-case basis. If a major impact can be made somewhere in the city with a portion of those funds, it does not make sense to ignore it simply because of geography.
6. Yes I will. This is a bone of contention with me, also. Using Casino Impact Funds for police overtime at the casino? I don’t think so.
7. I would not automatically reject them simply because they are not. Everything should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on its projected overall impact to improving our city.
8. Yes I will. I will even offer an official proclamation, if necessary. One thing I’ve learned is how proud people are of their neighborhoods. I want to embrace that pride and harness it to our city’s advantage.
9. I would defer to the residents of Pigtown on this.
10. Yes it would, as would the overall development of Pigtown. That neighborhood, being so close to downtown with easy access to freeways and the MARC, is a jewel just waiting to be polished and I can’t figure out why it hasn’t been done already.
11. I am very intrigued by this idea and would love to learn more about it. Many people have cited to me the barrier that Martin Luther King Boulevard creates and it’s clear something needs to be done.
12. Yes to items b through f because I am familiar with them and the hazards they pose. I’ll familiarize myself with a. and let you know.
13. I’d have to gather more information about it before taking a position.